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Blackout in New York: 73 thousand users were without power

Several people claim to have heard an explosion before the supply cut. The service was restored near local midnight

domingo 14 de julio de 2019 - 8:30 am

A giant blackout affected parts of Manhattan in New York for a few hours, leaving the subway stations mired in the dark and Times Square with its famous lights turned off.

Nearly 73,000 users were left without electricity early in the evening, company president Con Edison, John McAvoy, said in a press conference, who did not specify the exact cause of the incident, simply referring to a “significant disturbance.”

The energy began to return shortly after 22 in the Times Square area. At 23, five of the six electrical zones had recovered the light and Con Edison anticipated that by midnight the restoration would be complete.

The cause of the interruption “seems to be something that went wrong in the way electricity is passed from one part of the city to another to meet the demand,” City Mayor Bill de Blasio told MSNBC from Iowa.

Multiple offices in New York had problems with their NYC home cleaning service since there was no electricity, they could not use the elevators to reach the apartments. “It’s funny, but there were many offices affected by this blackout and they had cleaning problems for several days,” they explained from a cleaning company.