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Apareció el impactante video de la buceadora nadando con el tiburón más grande del mundo

En las sorprendentes imágenes se puede ver a la mujer nadando al lado del enorme animal de seis metros de largo

jueves 24 de enero de 2019 - 2:43 pm

Hace pocos días una buceadora encontró en Hawái un ejemplar del famoso “Deep blue”, el tiburón blanco más grande del mundo: mide seis metros de largo y tiene 50 años. La mujer se grabó nadando junto al gran animal y a lo pocos minutos de publicar el video, los usuarios lo replicaron rápidamente en sus redes.

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Life is more magical and beautiful than I could’ve even dreamed. Grateful for incredible creatures and breathtakingly beautiful moments that I feel so humbly grateful and fortunate to have experienced in my life. These beautiful moments and creatures are what have inspired me to focus and devote my life to marine conservation. I hope more moments like this will be possible and I know they will with more protection from the darker side of humanity. The only question is, how soon can we get this protection put into place? At the rate so many marine animals are caught and killed as by-catch or targeted species time is critical. You don’t need to be a marine biologist to make an impact, in fact some scientists make very little impact in conservation in comparison to those actively engaging and communicating factual information with the public, government, and fisheries. This is not a rip on scientists, I am also a scientist, it is just a fact that active engagement in the community to create change can be done by anyone and requires people of diverse backgrounds so please don’t think that you cannot get involved and make a difference if you don’t have a degree in marine biology. Everyone makes an impact everyday with their consumer choices and their voice. Fascinating behavior as the dolphins seemed to escort at times, at times they used the shark as a scratching post, and I even observed them gently mouthing her tail a few times. Still haven’t had time to go through all the footage I hope to share. #SaveTheOcean #LIfeIsBeautiful #helpSaveSharks #Amazing #Incredible #dolphinsandwhiteshark#dolphinsandgreatwhite #sharksanddolphins #ocean #oceanramsey #oneoceanconservation #happy #joy #lifepurpose #positive #honor #aloha #sharksinhawaii #dolphinsinhawaii #freediving #sharkresearch #sharkconservation with @oneoceandiving @juansharks @mermaid_kayleigh @oneoceanconservation @oneoceanresearch @oneoceaneducation @oneoceanglobal @waterinspired @oneoceandesigns shot on @gopro

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“El equipo estaba fotografiando el fondo marino de esa zona cuando de repente se encontró con la hembra de tiburón blanco más famosa del planeta. Uno de ellos llegó a tocar una de sus aletas, mientras su compañera fotografiaba la escena”, explicaron los autores del video al portal de noticias El País.