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Córvidos: una especie de ave bastante traviesa

Los cuervos (y córvidos, la familia que incluye cuervos, cornejas y urracas) desafían a todo aquel que se les cruce por el camino, basta con mirar estas fotos para comprobarlo

martes 2 de mayo de 2017 - 8:28 am

Do You Have A Minute To Talk About Our Lord And Savior Edgar Allan Poe?

Crow Riding On The Back Of A Bald Eagle

Dog Tail, Bird Bait

Crow Gives No F*cks

Wrong Neighborhood Motherf*cker

Crows Are Damn Smart

"I'm Gonna Stand On Your Head Charlie." "Go For It."

Fly Still, I'm About To Land

Man Saves Crow's Life, Crow Steals Man's Teeth. He Stole His Heart. Then, His Smile.

I'm A Simple Crow: I See A Bag Unattended - I Take It

Crows Like To Pull Tails. Some Think It's To Distract Other Animals, Some Think It's For Fun

Look Me In The Eye, Wolf

Random Friendly Crow Appeared, Wanted To Take A Selfie, When "F*ck You Eye!"

Crow Bothering Eagle

So Much Cooler Than You'll Ever Be

Cats Don't Belong In Trees According To This Crow And He's Going To Fix It

Raven Don't Care

This One Is Always Up For A Drink