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Los excéntricos y divertidos peinados de un padre y su hija que revolucionan las redes

Benny Harlem, un cantante y compositor de origen afroamericano, oriundo de Estados Unidos, se tomó fotos con su pequeña hija Jaxyn, con el fin de transmitir la importancia de los valores culturales

padre y hija peinados

Dear Benny Harlem, My name is Leroy. I haven't seen my Daughters since they was both babies. One is 8 and the other is 10. I'm now 34 and I live in Raleigh NC. Only one city away from my girls. I never knew my father at all. My mother was a drug addict and left me in our apartment alone for 4 days until the neighbors broke in and took me in when I was 4 years old. On Father's Day I saw your message to fathers on a blog and then I saw your Instagram. Bro I cried for hours looking at the pictures with you and your pretty daughter. It inspired me to get in contact with my children as soon as I could. I found their Aunts on Facebook and received a message back on my Monday and guess what? Benny she set it up for me to finally reunite with my kids on the 4th! I'm so happy and relieved to have a second chance. Benny I'm sending this email to say your a Hero and sent from God himself I never thought Id have the courage to wanna raise them up. but you inspired me to be a great man like you. You changed my life forever and I feel like you saved my two little girls lives by inspiring me to come back home to them. Benny Harlem I have a plan and I'm working on getting a second job to support my girls. I promise God and You Benny that i will never leave them ever again. The world needs you man. Thank you Benny." Leroy From Raleigh NC –

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“Fatherhood is a miracle and an honor." – Benny Harlem (Head over to @instagram to read the full interview with @instagram!)

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Guided Guider. Guide Her.

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